PLEASE NOTE: Your stand will be Black, the stand in the demonstration is Beige but is the identical stand.

STEP 1: Open up your box and remove every piece including the cutter.

NOTE: There is one stand piece that is located under the machine.

You should have the following parts:

A - Stand Feet [ x2 ]
B - Accessories Box [ x1 ]
C - Dust Cover [ x1 ]
D - Cross Piece [ x1 ]
E - Roller Bars [ x2 ]
F - Stand Legs [ x2 ]
G - Wheels [ x4 ]

STEP 2: Open the Accessories box and check to make sure we have all the necessary components for installation.

H - Machine Mounting Brackets [ x2 ]
I  - Roller Bar Brackets [ x2 ]
J - USB Cable [ x1 ]
K - Power Cord [ x1 ]
L - 9-Pin Serial Cable [ x1 ]
M - Screw Package

STEP 3: Remove the Screws from the Baggie, there will be two types; 1 & 2. We will refer to the two types of screws (1, 2) throughout the rest of the guide. We will also refer to the lettered pieces above (A-L). The A Screws will be used to build the entire stand. The B screws are used to mount the machine to the stand.

STEP 4: Attach the Stand Feet (A) Pieces to the Stand Legs (F) pieces using the #1 Screws.

NOTE: To keep the drilled holes on the F pieces to the outside

STEP 5: Mount the Cross Piece (D) to the completed legs from Step 4 using the #1 Screws.

STEP 6: Mount The Roller Brackets (I) to the completed part of Step 5 (F & D) using the #1 Screws.

NOTE: Repeat on opposite side, final product should look as it does below.

STEP 7: Mount the Machine Mounting Brackets (H) to the completed legs from Step 4 using the #1 Screws.

STEP 8: Remove the four (4) rubber feet from the bottom of the machine, this is where the machine will mount to the stand.

NOTE: Once the feet are removed the bottom of the machine should look as below.

STEP 9: Connect the Wheels (G) to the Stand Feet (A). The wheels screw directly into the stand feet and do not require any additional screws.

STEP 10: Mount the machine to the machine mounting brackets (H) using the #2 Screws. The screws will occupy the holes where we removed the rubber feet in Step 8.

Enjoy your new vinyl cutter!  Thank you for choosing USCutter