Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. Illustrator is similar in scope, intended market, and functionality to its competitors, CorelDRAW and Inkscape. The latest version, Illustrator CS5, is the fifteenth generation in the product line.

STEP 1: Open the raster image that you're looking to convert by selecting File > Open.

STEP 2: Select that image with the select tool.

STEP 3: Click the drop down arrow next to the 'Live Trace' button at the top middle of your screen.

STEP 4: Select Tracing Options. The 'Live Trace' button will only show up if you have a raster image selected.

STEP 5: On the tracing options screen you will want to check the preview box; this will give you a preview of the vector results overlaid on top of the raster image. You will also want to check the 'Ignore White' button. If you do not then all white will be vectorized, and all other colors will be vectorized. This will result in double lines everywhere that white and another color share a border.

STEP 6: All of the other settings on the 'Tracing Options' screen can be adjusted to get a better or worse result, so play around with these settings until you get an optimal result. You will notice that when you mouse over each setting on this screen it will give you a description tool tip which will help you learn each tools function.

STEP 7: Once you have a desirable result click OK and it will complete the vectorization. You will want to check to see if your vector is overlaying your original raster image. If it is then delete the original raster image which will leave you with only the new vector version of the image.

NOTE: The vectoization process is now complete.

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