STEP 1: Insert the SignBlazer Elements disc into your computer. The disc is located in the accessories box (small cardboard box).

IMPORTANT: If this disc is missing, SignBlazer Elements is available for download.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 The following screen will display when using the CD, select Run Autorun.exe.

STEP 3: Select Run Setup.

STEP 4: The Welcome to the SignBlazer setup screen will display, press Next.

STEP 5: Select Yes and press Next.

STEP 6: Select I accept the agreement and press Next (x6).


STEP 7: Select your cutter from the list. If your cutter is not listed, select the Copam CP-2500 and press Next.

STEP 8: Select the COM? (if known) and press Next. If the cutter’s COM number is unknown select COM1.

STEP 9: Leave Baud Rate as 9600 and press Next.

STEP 10: Leave all this settings as shown and press Next.

STEP 11: Press Install.

NOTE: Installing...

STEP 12: Press Finish.

STEP 13: Open SignBlazer Elements, and press the Trial Mode button.


STEP 14: Press the Cutter and Setup buttons.

STEP 15: Select the Cutter and Output Device matching the settings from the example below.

STEP 16: To cut press the Cutter and CUT! buttons, a window will open on the right side and press the Cut Tile button.

STEP 17: If you need more information about SignBlazer, download the User's Manual.

IMPORTANT: If you have had any problems with this guide and need help or if you would just like to send us feed back on this guide please click the Live Support icon to enter into a chat with our support staff.

Enjoy your new vinyl cutter! Thank you for choosing USCutter