STEP 1: Locate the "Document of Value", which is included with your cutter, that document has your Bundle Registration Code needed to get a License for SignCut Pro

NOTE: This is NOT your License for SignCut Pro. This is the code that needs to be registered in order to redeem your 1 year license for SignCut Pro.

STEP 2: To register and download SignCut Pro go to Keep in mind that all fields must be filled. Click Register once all fields are filled.

STEP 3: A page with the download links and your license will be displayed. Copy the license number; you will need it in just a few steps. This information will also be sent to the email address that was used to register. Do not delete that email because you may need this info in the future.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

STEP 4: Locate the file you just downloaded and double click to start the install.

STEP 5: Read the License Agreement and press I Agree.

STEP 6: Press Install.

NOTE: During the installation you will receive a message asking to download InkScape.

STEP 7: SignCut Pro has been installed successfully. Press Close.

STEP 8: Open SignCut. Since it’s opening for the first time, you will see the Welcome screen, press Next.

STEP 9: Enter the License number and press Next.

STEP 10: Match the setting from the example below and press Next.

STEP 11: Press Finish.

NOTE: If the license activation is successful, the following screen will be displayed. Press OK.

NOTE: The SignCut Pro interface opens, at this point the cutter should be setup and ready to cut.


STEP 12: If you need to access the cutter settings, press the Cutter button or Settings > Cutter.

STEP 13: Match the settings from the example below.

STEP 14: To Cut, press the Scissor icon and press the Cut Out button.

Download and install the SignCut Export Plugins to send your designs from Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape.

Use Graphic Design software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape to create your designs and use SignCut Pro to cut them.

IMPORTANT: If you have had any problems with this guide and need help or if you would just like to send us feed back on this guide please click the Live Support icon to enter into a chat with our support staff.

Enjoy your new vinyl cutter! Thank you for choosing USCutter